Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's coming home on Wednesday!

Yeehaw! After discussions with the surgeon, and checking the airline flights, Judi and Carl decided that they would come Wednesday. There are no flights available on Monday, so they are discharging her on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the only flight available is at 9pm and will cost $1000. So, Judi and Carl jointly decided to spend Tuesday night in a hotel very close to the airport, and they'll fly home later in the morning on Wednesday.

Carl said that Judi is making great progress. She is only taking Extra Strength Tylenol at this point, and she's walking the circle that is her floor. Apparently, she couldn't sleep last night (which isn't unusual) so she just wandered the hall during the night. She ate all solid food today, and I know that definitely helps with strength and her recovery.

Carl was emotional today, especially when he talked about how much progress Judi is making so quickly. I know he's extremely proud of her, while at the same time he's re-living his own surgery 15 years ago. They've each been on both sides of the experience now, and I'm sure have a greater appreciation for the roles that they played 15 years ago. I'm not sure that he really realized how hard it was to be the "care giver" all those years ago.

Much like when we found out when the Surgery would be, it is nice to finally know when she will be coming home. If we lived closer to the hospital and didn't have to travel they would release her tomorrow. But, with travelling, it wasn't feasible. So, now we prepare to have Mom home. Aaahh, there's no place like home!

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