Thursday, October 23, 2008

LOL! You actually read it!

LOL! Three times this week someone has asked about my Mom, and mentioned that there hadn't been an update on the blog in a while. My apologies. The last few weeks have been so hectic, not just with the changes at work, but add in Thanksgiving, a couple of birthday parties to attend, a birthday party to plan, Halloween...and you get get the picture.

Now, I'm the forgetful type by nature, but put me under stress and it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Thank goodness for my Palm Pilot or I would never know where I was going or when. I've even got a morning checklist so I don't' forget anything, and this morning I forgot my hot chocolate on top of the TV!

But, you came here to see how my Mom is doing, not me! She is doing really, really well. All the information that the doctors and the Internet have is for people who are generally 20+ years older than Judi. They estimated it would take her 6 weeks before she would be walking 30 minutes a day. When we spoke about it on Monday, she was already doing 15 minutes 2 x a day. It won't be long before she's worked herself up to 30 minutes. Her spirits are as good as can be expected. There is definitely a lot to adjust to...being home all day every day, not seeing as many people as she was on a regular basis.

She's on the computer during the day checking her email and her cell phone is now turned on and fully charged. She has been taking it easy and knows when to say "I"m too tired to talk, can I call you back." so if you'd like to call and see how she's doing, by all means, please do.

I have managed to steal away a few "me time" minutes and created a new card. I got the image from a WishRAK (Random Act of Kindness) group that I belong to. Basically, you wish for images and people send them to you and you do the same for them. Then, you can have a few images of something you would like without having to pay for the stamp. Anyway, this one is a birthday card, but I forgot to take a picture of the inside.

The sentiment is "Listen Honey - Age Happens". I love that it was so simple to put together. (I made 3 of the same card it was so easy!) I hope you like it.

I have pictures of more cards that I've made since Mom got sick, but I have to get to work so I'll try and post them later this afternoon.

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