Friday, March 4, 2011

A Pair of Slippers

A few weeks back my friend BananaStamper, who lives just a few houses down from me, inquired about my slipper making skills...and hinted that she would love a pair for her birthday...IN NOVEMBER!  LOL!  Of course, I have a big pile of yarn hanging around from various projects and so what better thing to do while watching Greys Anatomy than to whip up a pair of slippers?   What was I thinking?

You see, when I set out to make a card, I generally end up with 2 or 3.  I get started on something and then find something else I love but it won't fit with the first card, so I finish up the first and make a second and then it isn't just right for the challenge so generally it takes a while before I make a card I love.  I'd like to say that the same goes for knitting (okay, it does a little bit) but the problem is really that I am out of practice.  So, I searched "slipper pattern" on the Internet and was met with so many, I had a hard time choosing.  And, I only knit, not crochet so that narrowed the field down a little.  After 3 weeks, here is what I had to show...
3 single slippers!
Let me take moment to explain.  You can see that the pink slipper is nice.  However, it fit really leotards tight..and it wasn't super comfy.  Even though the yarn I used was meant for a sweater, it felt kind of rough on the foot, so I only made one slipper. 
The second slipper I tried, I really like the pattern and it was super easy and quick.  However, I didn't check my gauge before I started and using the recommended needles and yarn I ended up with a size 11 men's slipper (it was supposed to fit a women's size 8).  Oops...onto the next slipper.
This one  is close in design to the pink one, only with a bigger needle and bigger yarn.  The stitches are super tight so I know it will be warm, but the heel is sewn together, so it's not the most comfortable.  I actually was going to make a second of this until I realized....
...I sewed the really nice edge on the inside of the slipper.  Seriously?!  I had turned it inside out to weave all the ends in while watching TV and forgot to turn it back out before I did the edge.  Argh!  At this point, I was beginning to think that BananaStamper wasn't meant to get slippers for her birthday...or ever!
But, I persevered and after a few adjustments to the big slipper, I am happy to report that early this week I delivered a 8 month early birthday present! 

Don't they look comfy!  And, once I got myself all straightened out they actually knit up in less than 3 hours for the pair, including all the hiding of the ends etc.

Whew!  Hard to believe that I don't just give up on knitting all together.  However, the rock star has been bugging me to get started on a blanket for her bed (I made one for the Munchkin last year).  That too has been an which I'll share next week.

Have a great weekend.


snappy scrappy said...

Really nice slippers, I would've been pulling my hair out after the second single slipper. They turned out great though...she'll love 'em!

Donna said...

They look fantastic! Congratulations on sticking with it.

You know she is the type of person that truly appreciates the effort and doesn't take anything for granted. So she is definitely worth all the effort.

Jenn Joncas said...

Hee hee!!! You have 10 months until my birthday (: They turned out beautifully!! Nice and cozy!!

Lindsey said...

He he! It's like Cinderella.....only Danderella! Glad you got one to fit in the end!
Linds x

BananaStamper said...

You know how much I love my slippers....they rock! I have a little problem though, hubby just tried them on and said "These are awesome!" and prompted exited the room before I could remove them from his feet. Hellllp....I want my slippers back! Now you know what to give Ger for his bday too! I have a feeling you are gonna be tired of looking at slippers after awhile, lol!
Really though, Thanks so much, I never expected that dropping a hint would mean a pair of slippers in my hot little hands only a couple of short weeks later! I really have the best girlfriends! Looking forward to getting together soon. How many sleeps til March break????