Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

 Did you ever tell your kids "One of these times you're gonna do**substitute something dangerous here** and you're gonna get hurt!"  Well, show them this picture and let it be a very real warning of what happens when you don't sit on your bum on the reclining couch.

Seriously, didn't we all hear Mom or Dad (or grandparents for that matter) tell us not to lean on the foot/reclining part of the chair because it would flip down and we'd get hurt.  Well, my 8 year old 4' 6" Munchkin here decided it would be a good idea to crawl out onto the foot portion of the reclining couch while watching TV Sunday morning.

Of course, without warning, the foot part collapsed taking her hands with it and she fell face first onto the carpet covered concrete floor of our basement.  To add insult to injury, because her knees were still on the couch as she fell, she slid along the carpet causing this nasty rug burn.

I am still amazed at how she could have rug burn between her eyes and inside her nose...YES...Inside her nose!  Youch!  And notice how she managed to get rug burn on both side of her nose?  Crazy, I now.   Luckily, she said it doesn't hurt anymore, just itches.    This picture was actually taken the day after the event, when all the swelling had gone down. 

No new cards yet, but I have a knitting project to show you on Friday...and of course, it comes with a story!


Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Oh Danielle, your poor girl! I bet she doesn't do that again in a hurry! I remember a few years back when my munchkin tipped over a shopping cart... I think they're determined to turn our hair grey!

Jenn Joncas said...

Poor girl!!! I'm always after the kids to sit properly on furniture. You'll have to make sure you scrapbook this pic!