Thursday, November 4, 2010

Munckin's Birthday

Well, I had a grand post pictured in my head, then things went crazy and I forgot to take pictures of the loot bags, so a description will have to do!  Here is the invitations that we sent out this year.
Had to keep it simple in the interest of!

Big thanks to Lee-Ann at Snappy Scraps for the initial inspiration for my loot bags.  She suggested an "ice-cream sundae" theme, and I actually went in search of items for this but it is totally the wrong season for ice cream so I had to make a few alterations and her is what I finally came up with.  The theme for the birthday party was chocolate and so the loot bags was all about Muchkin's Favourite Chocolate Things.  I even composed a little song...hum the "My Favourite Things" song from The Sound of Music as you read it...Munchkin can sing it...hmmm, that would make a fun YouTube video...oops, sorry got sidetracked there.  Anyway, song is:

Hot Chocolate filled with fluffy white marshmallows
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
And Dairy Queen Ice Cream
Friends celebrating my birthday with me
These are a few of my favourite things!

And the loot bags included an individual packet of hot chocolate, a few mini-marshmallows and a chocolate covered plastic spoon, 3 chocolate chunk cookies and a $5 gift card for Dairy Queen.  All these items were placed into a white paper sandwich bag, sealed with a ribbon and then I printed the song out and matted it and used my spellbinders to make it all pretty...if I had just remembered to take a picture...argh.  But, you get the picture.

I thought that life might slow down a little, and in some respects it has.  Hubby had a CT scan mid-October and the results show no tumour growth, so that is good news.  We're working on seizure control right now.  The kids have settled into the school routine, and I finally figured out that if I pick the Rock Stars clothes the night before and let her eat a candy after she's dressed in the morning she will dress herself without a meltdown!  But, we finally got the keys to temporary location for work, so the next 3 weeks will be filled with thoughts of layouts, moving things and the new office. 

Lucky for me, hubby and I are taking off this weekend for 2 days on our own.  After that I'm hoping to actually get into my craft room and get some creating done.   Until I have some papercrafts to show you, I'm going to post a few of my knitted projects.  So, have a great weekend..I plan on sleeping, shopping and sleeping some more.  So exciting!  LOL!


Christine aka blankiefinder said...

That's a fantastic idea for her loot bags!! Yummy, too! :)

Have a wonderful weekend away, Danielle!!

Crystal said...

What a wonderful idea for the treat bags, love the song too! Glad you are getting a weekend away & can't wait to see some of your knitted projects :)

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

Great treat bag idea. So happy to hear that your hubby is doing better and that you two were able to spend some time together.