Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life at 4 years old

Let me introduce you to my four year old.  She's super funny, loves to laugh and knows how to execute a joke...most of time.  This morning, she hid under her blanket and pretended to be a present...but when my Mom said "what's this on the floor" she giggled and whispered, "it's just me Nana."  LOL!  I took this photo last week at the daycare...the kid is all about style.
She loves to the top of her lungs and Impossible is her current favorite...and she's all about being a Rock the first picture are the hat and sunglasses she picked out on a recent shopping trip with my mother-in-law.   The second picture, where she's channeling a little mid-80's rocker style was taken just this morning.   I love when she dresses herself!  She's a fabulous kid...but don't leave your camera out in the open....unless you want to see life from a 4 year olds point of view.  Take a look.

Mr. Piggy...a fine portrait of a pig.
The creepy spider we keep, but no one likes to touch...'cause this baby is huge. 

Notice she took some time with this one (note foot in the shot...she sat down). I'll call this one Portrait of a sleeping stuffed dog.
No photo shoot would be complete with out a shot of our very own feet.
And then she got the camera at a friends house and started snapping away.  This is the bottom quarter of the big sisters face with Blayde...Rock Stars furry best friend.
It's hard to tell if Teddy is laughing, yawning or panting.  Regardless, I would have to contort my body to get a full on shot of this guy, so she was just the right height...and her lighting is good, I only cropped and watermarked the photo-editing on any of these photos.
So there you have it...if Rock Star turns out to be an award winning photography, you got to see her work first!  LOL! 

Have a great Tuesday.


Lindsey said...

HA HA! Love it! She is soooo cute (and a pretty good photographer too!) Move over David Bailey! We got BD his own VTech kiddy camera for his last birthday and he loves it. CC loves it too so thank goodness it's very robust.
Love the story about the little "present"!
Linds xx

BananaStamper said...

Great shot - by and of the little photographer! Thanks for sharing! I think my fave is "portrait of a pig".

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

What a cutie!! She took some great photos too, especially of your dog yawning (?) lol... she really may grow up to be a photographer! :) They usually have a good sense of style :)

Crystal said...

These are so fabulous & your little one is so cute! Love the last photo of the dog :)