Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Baby's Growing Up!

Oh baby is growing up.  I remember my Mom saying this when I was a kid and rolling my eyes.  Now, it's my turn I guess.  The little one has wanted to cut her hair short since before Christmas.  I didn't have a problem with the big kid asked at 4 years fact, I helped her convince Daddy that it was just hair and off to the salon we went.  I remember gushing about how fabulous she looked and how happy I was that we cut it for her.

Second time around, I was not so easily convinced.  Perhaps it is because we had a bad hair experience with her first cut (she came out looking like a boy!).  Regardless, I loved her flowing, wavy blond hair...she looked so darned cute and I could put it in pig tails and braid them and it was just fabulous. 

Yesterday, I just couldn't take it anymore and made an appointment with a hair salon and this is the result.

Remember, the hairdresser has to do all kinds of things to it that I won't...things involving hairblowers and straightening who knows what it's going to look like after we wash it!  My Mom asked how it looks and I said "different"...really, it just looks so different to me, I don't think it has set in.  So scary to let them have some independence at 4 years thing she'll be wanting coloured streaks!  That's where I draw the line!  LOL!


Lindsey said...

Aw she is beautiful! Doesn't she look pleased with it? I think it is much harder letting the baby go with the youngest child. Good luck with the irons etc, do let us see your creations!!!

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

She is so cute!!! I hope she's happy with it, that makes all the difference in the world! When they hate it, they're hard to live with, don't ask me how I know! lol

Monique said...

Awwww...She is beautiful!!

Crystal said...

Your daughter is so adorable! I love her new haircut!