Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back, but with nothing to show you.  What a weekend!  Good thing I had some down time last weekend, this one was crazy!  My 7 year old woke up at 3am Saturday morning complaining of stomach pains - being the good Mom that I am I told her to go back to bed, she just ate too much pizza for dinner!  LOL!  All kidding aside, we assumed that she had the stomach flu, until about 10 am when she started complaining that her "hip" hurt.

Now, thank goodness for girlfriends.  I had plans with BananaStamper for later in the day, but called to cancel and tell her about the 7 year olds woes.  I mentioned to her that something didn't feel right, and together we chatted about the different options etc.  I backed off taking her to Emergency, because I didn't want to be one of those Moms...and she had just fallen asleep finally.  By 1pm, I was packing up the 4 year old and sending her down the street to BananaStamper's place, secretly praying that she wouldn't carry the stomach flu germs with her, because I didn't want them to get it too.  The 7 year old and I were off to the hospital.  Thankfully, we got in quickly and by 4pm they were confirming appendicitis and at 9pm on Saturday night she had surgery to remove her appendix.  Surgeon said that it was good we got in when we did, it wasn't perforated, but was getting close.  We spent the next 2 days in the hospital and came home Monday morning.

Let me just tell you what a terrific kid I have.  I know that she is mortified of anything hospital, to the point where she wouldn't even visit my mother in the hospital.  So, to go through a surgery and then stay for a few days is amazing.  What is even more amazing is that she had a little bit of pain meds 6 hours after surgery and then nothing after that.  Amazing I tell you!  She'll be home from school until later in the week, but only because I insist that she take it easy for a few days.  If it were up to her, she'd have been back today - that kid is so much like me it hurts!  LOL!

So, we tried to do a little bit of colouring today and I'll have a Rubber Cafe card for you tomorrow and then hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Again, a HUGE shout out to BananaStamper, without whom I would have been a mess - did I meniton that hubby was at work during all this?  I doubted myself, but BananaStamper kept telling me to follow my intuition, and without her I would have made my little one wait until Daddy got home to go the hospital and then we would have been in a big world of hurt!

So thanks to everyone for your patience in my not updating, and for all your well wishes. 

And, with the Olympics officially under way, I just have to say GO CANADA!


Sparkle said...

Glad everything worked out and that she's feeling better!

Blankiefinder said...

Danielle, I am so glad your daughter is doing so well, thank goodness you took her to the hospital when you did! It's so hard to know when it's serious or not, sometimes! I hope she continues her rapid recovery!!

Oh, and GO CANADA!! :D

Stacy said...

Hi there~so happy to hear she is doing ok. :)

Crystal said...

So glad your daughter is doing better Danielle!

Carla aka scrappypug said...

wow what an ordeal! Glad all is well now!