Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bella Sketch Challenge 65

Like my last card, this one was for a Sketch Challenge, where you get a sketch and then have to make a card to look like it. The idea is that everyone's card has the same basic design, but they are all different. Because these are Bella Challenges that I am doing, they always use a bella stamp.
This is Daisyboardabella. I love her. I coloured the image a while back. A friend from snowboarding gave us her old pair of Burton Snowboard Pants and so I made this card to thank her. A snowboard bella seemed appropriate.

Daytona has been asked on a Valentine's date! Again! Same boy as last year! This year though, his mom and dad will be thier chaperone's...they are too cute. He's been saving up his money to pay, just like she did last year. I've got an idea for a card rolling around in my head...hopefully the idea will fall out before Saturday...then you'll see what goes on in my head!

No more Christmas card's made, but a few birthday cards. You'll see them in the coming days...and I'll get working on Valentine's and Christmas Cards.

Have a great hump day!


Anonymous said...

Snowboardabella is so hip! I wish I could think of a good reason to buy her! Nice card! :)

Marie Taylor said...

Hi Danielle,
I just attempted to snag a Riley from your list and thought I'd stop by your blog. Your cards are great and i can relate to your sense of humour. My husband shakes his head a lot too!
Have a great Sunday!