Thursday, December 18, 2008

I had these all programmed to post every morning, but now that I've come bak to ckec, I see that it didn't work. So, I will come back every day and post my blogs!

Well, I can't seem to get this picture any bigger, so I hope you can see it okay. These little penguins are Elzybells, and I love them. Sometimes, you just need a nice card that isn't too Christmas-y, and I think this is it.

Although we don't seem to have a snow problem since the big storm on Tuesday, over the weekend, there wasn't enough for a "real" snowman. What is a girl to do? Make a rotting pumpkin man of course!

Mummu was over babysitting, and she took the kids outside. No snow...but Mummu is the creative type. This is what we found when we got home. Lucky for me Daytona got a camera for her birthday and took a few pictures.

Poor guy, he's still in our backyard...he's just covered in snow now! Dempsey always puts the pumpkins in the garden after Halloween so that they compost and make the soil nice. This year, I bought some giant pumpkins! I think that they'll end up in the real composter in the spring. Until then, they'll watch us from in front of the shed!

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