Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wholly geez, has it been a month already since I posted last? I can't believe it! Things around here are so busy, it's amazing I find time to think some days.

The middle of November, I was able to attend the DAT's Yap N Scrap, a full 17 hours of time to scrap and make cards....with my girlfriends! What bliss. I wish I could do something like this every couple of months. I always get a lot done and it is so relaxing. Here are a few of the cards that I made that weekend. I used a template from Sheetload of Cards and made 8 in less than an hour. The fun part is, even though they all use the same paper and colours, the sentiments can all be different.

I love the sentiment on this one. It's the kind of card I would send to a girlfriend, just because. Or maybe a hang in there type of card.

This sentiment is one of those "Husbands!" Hrmmph! kind of cards.

Same sentiment, different design. Although I love spending lots of time on cards, sometimes the simplest one's are the best.

I have finally figured out that I should upload all my pictures at once and then I can split between posts and then I can update more regularly. I have better access to the computer at work, so that is usually where I update from, so with the pictures already loaded, I just have to add some great words and voila!

On the family front, Daytona turned 6 since I last posted. We had a fun Science themed birthday party at our place and it was a blast. Her Dad built her a stage for her birthday, and we finally got the wall of mirrors in place so she can perform. Next will come the CD player from Santa so that she can play her own tunes. Imagine, my kid wants to be a Rock Star....the apple never falls from from the tree!

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