Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secret Santa - SCS

Well, there really is no point in bragging about uploading a lot of photos, if you forget to come back and post them to the Blog! What a busy few weeks we have had. But...before the busy two weeks, I joined a Secret Santa Group for scrapbooking gals. We had to alter a few items and send along some scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff for our little Elf. First I altered a 4x6 picture book, you know, the kind you carry in your purse.

Then, I made this really cute NOEL sign, hopefully in the right colours, for my Elf to hang in her scrap room.

Finally, I made her this cute card. I got the image from WishRAK, but it's Snowbunnyabella, from and the white background is also from WishRAK - it's embossed with the Cuttlebug (which a little birdie tells me I'm getting for Christmas! Yeah Me!). I love that it isn't a patterned paper, but it give the card texture and depth. I think if you click on the card, you can see that I used Flock on the jacket and boot trim. It's this great stuff that you put on the card to make it fuzzy. So much better in person.

I haven't received my own package yet, but I know it will come this week - we have the big reveal on the 13th (or 12pm at midnight if you're awake!).

I took the last few days off work and made a whole bunch of Christmas cards. I'm going to load them onto the computer tonight and see if I can't get the "timed post" feature to work so that I can time one Blog post per day, each day with a new card!

And, I'm setting a couple of goals for next year.

  1. I am going to make 10 Christmas cards each month so that I have a lot next year, instead of rushing to get them done in December.
  2. I am going to get 5 scrapbooking layouts done each month. On a good month, I know that I can do more, but I think that 5 a month is reasonable goal for now - that would be 60 layouts throughout the year...I would almost be caught up!
  3. I will take one night a month to work on my calendar project/Christmas gift. Again, so that I'm not spending all of November and December working solely on these projects.
  4. I am going to use more of my "stash" it scrapbooking/cardmaking or supply collecting?

Aaahh, it's nice to have some goals! Okay, now I better get to work, or I won't have any money to meet these goals!

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