Monday, October 6, 2008

We're on our way

Boy, if Judi and Carl are half as jittery/nervous as I am, it's gonna be a long day.

I have to say this right now...I have a great neighbours. Gerry is taking my kids for the night - that's right, a dad is taking on my kids in addition to his two and he's home alone! What a great guy. Clint took Daytona to the bus stop today and will again tomorrow, and offered some nice words of encouragement. Shanna has been gracefully allowing me come to her house most nights, after the kids are in bed, to just vent and talk about everything that is going on. Thank goodness for great neighbours!

I actually questioned myself about going with my Mom to Hamilton. Every time someone found out I was going, they seemed surprised. I didn't even give it a second thought! I guess it's because I've sat beside her every day for the last 11 years. I don't think we have a typical Mother-Daughter relationship. In fact, talking to my girlfriends, I know we don't. I remember when I was a teenager my mother always telling me that " I am your mother, not your friend" and at the time I totally understood that she needed to be my mother. If she tried to be my friend, I would have turned out completely differently.

However, now that I am grown and we've worked so closely together for such a long time, I can honestly say that my Mother is my friend, and a good one. I tell all kinds of secrets, we gossip about the latest fashions, I love to go shopping with her, we have the same taste in movies and televisions shows. In fact, over the last 3 weeks, I have seen less of my mother than at any other time in the last 10 years. Even when I was on maternity leave I saw her more, mainly because she was working and I would visit her at home. But now, with 2 kids, a husband who works crazy hours and making sure that everything is running smoothly at the office, I feel like I haven't seen her in forever.

Daytona said the cutest thing yesterday when we were all leaving dinner. She hugged my Mom around her legs and said "I'd be a lot happier if you didn't go". So true. Sometimes, kids just nail it.

I won't lie, I'm scared. I know the stats are good for an Aortic Valve Replacement, about the same as having a bypass. But, it's my mom and my good friend who is going under the knife. It's scary to think that at this time tomorrow Dad and I will be sitting in a hospital waiting. I hate waiting. I'm a get 'er done kind of girl. But, I'll wait. 'Cause I love her. And I know I need to wait.

Carl is bringing his Blackberry so I should be able to update directly from the hospital. If you pray, please remember my Mom.

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