Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today's Update

Well, Carl and I were supposed to go to the hospital this afternoon and wait for Judi to see the local cardiologist. But, the cardiologist showed up this morning instead.

Carl and I wanted to be there so that we could ask our own questions, but also because Judi is so anxious to get home. As with all life events like this, she is going through the 7 stages of Reconciliation. First there was shock. Now she's at bargaining/denial. And I completely understand why. Here she is, sitting in the hospital for 10 days and they are telling her that she requires open heart surgery. What do we do? We go back home and look up all the info on the Internet, we research her condition, we tell all her friends about it. What does she do? She sits in the hospital waiting for more information. I think that both Carl and I were worried that she was going to convice the doctor to send her home and put off the surgery.

So, yesterday I printed a whole bunch of info from different medical websites about the bicuspid valve and about the surgery and symptoms and things and gave them to her. I'm hoping that it has helped her be a little more informed about what is happening. I know that if she were here with me, she'd be on the net trying to get all the info that she could.

Now, lucky for us, when the Cardiologist saw her, he told her that she did have a choice. She didn't have to have the surgery, but there is a 50/50 chance that "something could happen" in the next 5 years. So basically, he was telling her to do the surgery.

Today is Mac n' Cheese day so I'm bring Judi a pita for lunch. Thanks for all the well wishes and virtual hugs. I'm passing them on to her.

I'll update again on Thursday after we see the surgeon, unless there is something to report before then.

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