Monday, February 4, 2013

Keepin' It Simple

I'm keeping it simple today.  The last week has been great IRL (In Real Life) and so I've not really taken the time to blog.  I still have that half finished post updating my yearly goals...I'll get to it...and I have lots of pictures of cards that I've finally I'll get to blogging those too.  See, the thing is...Real Life is so freakin' awesome right now I and just gonna kick around there for a bit and enjoy it! :-)

Made this simple card for a friend of mine, who said something so completely true and off the cuff and heartfelt that it changed my life, and at the time neither of us knew that it would have such a big impact, but it has.
Couple of things have stopped me from blogging recently....the fact that I feel like I NEED to list everything I use on a card, and sometimes that list can be pretty long and so I avoid posting because I don't want to make that big long list....and the fact that I feel like I need to link up to challenges like all my blog buddies.  But you know what...if I love something I'll mention what I used...if you love something, leave a comment and ask what it is...and I'm going to end this self imposed pressure of having to link to challenges. 

I hope you are having as great a 2013 as I am.


Bananastamper said...

Such a fun card! I love the whirly gig thingy at the bottom. So glad real life is treating you kindly - you go girl! I think you are right, 2013 is gonna rock!
I really should get to bed, I haven't been up this late since that cold kicked my butt. Right then, I stop babbling.
Shan :)

Caroline said...

Great card!!! Your friend is going to love it. I love the die cut on the bottom. :)

Donna said...

Fabulous card! I love the die cut on the bottom and I just realized that so does everyone else.

snappy scrappy said...

So know I love me some die cuts!!! It really pops!! Lee-Ann :)