Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

So, today starts the Christmas card posts.  There has been so much going on lately, that Christmas is really starting to sneak up on me.  Normally I'd have all my shopping done by now, and this year I haven't even started.  But you know what...I'm not gonna sweat it. I'm going to enjoy seeing my friends and family and snuggle my kids lots and drink hot chocolate and eat lots of good food.  :)

If given more time, then this card would be one that I could easily replicate...but gluing those little squares on the back of the tree pieces was driving me bonkers!  LOL.  So, this is a one and only card.  And I'm sure that it is the result of a sketch I found somewhere, but I made it so long ago that I have no idea.  (yet another reason to blog right after you make a card, lol)

Did I tell you that I got to learn to colour from Suzanne Dean?  Yep, THAT Suzanne Dean.  I have been wanting to attend one of her courses for just over 2 really was a dream come true.  She's such a great lady, and a fabulous teacher and an all around inspiration.  Add to that a whole weekend of just hanging with my two bestest friends and it was a fabulous weekend.  Definitely need to plan more of those!


snappy scrappy said...

This is really pretty! Lee-Ann :)

Bananastamper said...

Such a fun card, and I love the traditional colours! So glad we all got to scrap together today! I don't want to stop, lol!

Sparkle Smith said...

Such a lovely card!