Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Year of ME

What a Summer!  Not at all what I thought it would look like, but I have learned so much that I really wouldn't change a thing because then I wouldn't be where I am today.  I have had to do some real soul searching lately, some "what do I really want" thinking. Really focus on me, because if I am not happy then no one around me is happy. 

I've made some pretty big decisions in 2012, some had exactly the results I expected and wanted, while others were completely not at all what I expected and so I had to scramble.  In retrospect, I definitely wear rose coloured glasses sometimes.  I need to take more time to make decisions.  I need to be confident enough in myself to say, "I'm not sure" or "can we wait?" and then be confident enough that whatever the consequences of saying this are, that I will be able to stand tall and be proud that I made that decision.

I have decided that in order to be a better parent and a better partner, I need to do some improvement/work on myself.  So, I'm going to spend the next year really working on myself.  So, you might be asking...

What does A Year of ME look like?

1.  Cook at Home more often - for my health, for the health of my children and for my pocketbook!

2.  Exercise - for my health and sanity!

3.  Simplify - I have accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the years, a lot of it for varying reasons.  In an effort to simplify my life, I will be going thru my house, room by room and simplifying...purging items that are no longer needed, giving away things we don't use and are holding onto for all the wrong reasons.

4.  Organize - What we do keep needs to be kept in an orderly fashion.  My girls are a direct reflection of my undiagnosed ADD ways.  Piles everywhere, lots of items left for "later" and lots of running around on our way out the door because someone has always forgotten something.  I have some great ideas that I want to implement to help us stay organized and on task throughout the day.

5.  Learn How to do something new every month - this one should be easy.  I am a single Mom in a 3 bedroom house with lots of plans...oh the things I want/need to learn.  :)

6.  Take time for me - this one is a little harder to define and measure.  This could mean having alone time to craft, time to read a book or take a walk, or setting aside time to start writing again. 

7.  Make a dent in the debt - don't we all have this goal?  Now that I'm on my own, I want to keep my finances under control and am becoming much more aware of where every penny is going.  Long term goal is debt elimination within 5 years, which is attainable, but will require many sacrifices.  Short term goal would be to eliminate the debt by 25% over one year.

8.  Keep track of my progress - again this should be fairly easy.  At the end of each month I'll report back here to let you all know how I'm doing.

So...sharing this with all of you is pretty scary.  I know I'm going to lose some followers because this isn't "just a craft" blog.  But, I'm hoping that those who stick around are those who are able to relate to what I'm doing.  Perhaps you've been here before or you know someone in a similar situation.  All comments and suggestions are welcome.  Encouragement is encouraged!  :) 

I will definitely still be posting crafty stuff.  In fact, I have 3 cards sitting on my craft table waiting to be photographed right now!  And, I knit a hat and finished a baby blanket but forgot to photograph them both.  I am working on another hat though, so you'll be able to see that one when its finished.

Now, if you've managed to get down this far, then I'll reward you with an actual card!  This is the card I made my Mom for her birthday last week. 

Stamps:  MFT a la modes I got UR Back
Paper: Echo Park Country Drive, CTMH Green and White
Ink: Copics, Memento Black
Accessories:  MFT Dienamics:  Small Scallop Border, Fishtail Flags STAX, Mini Tabs Foursome, Oval Open Scallop Doily Duo,  


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Bananastamper said...

Sounds like a good plan to me! Fantastic card, btw!