Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look What I Did!

There are those out there who are going to think that I am crazy, and I'm okay with that.  Since the mojo has been on vacation and I can't stand for very long I have been using my time these days to make this:
Yup, it's a paper sampler...but not just any sampler.  What we have here are all 138 colours of Bazzill Cardstock that the local scrapbook store DAT'S Scrapbooking carries.  Now, when I buy a paper pack, I don't have to stand in front of the rack trying to match papers...or if I have really old paper that I want to use up I can plan my projects using this.  Even better....I typed out the names of all the colours and made little labels that were affixed to the back of each 3x3 piece of cardstock!  Genius, I know.
Even better...DAT'S will be open this Thursday July 26th from 2pm - 7pm so you can stock up on your own paper!  Sadly, DAT'S has been closed since the flood on May 28th and Donna is only opening the store one day at a time.  Hopefully she'll be able to have the store (and her home) back up and running again soon, but until then mark July 26th on your calendar!  I'll be there for a little while, so come on down and say hello, and check out my Paper Sampler in person.

Since I made these little squares of 3x3 paper, I have some extra's....interested?   Enter below to win your very own Paper Sampler from ME!  I will ship this anywhere in Canada, but figure its likely the most useful here in Thunder Bay...since that is where DAT'S Scrapbooking is located! 


snappy scrappy said...

Great idea...I want one!!! It drives me nuts that they don't write the colour on there. I'm always guessing when I post something using Bazzill.
Hope to see you at DAT'S. Lee-Ann :)

KanataNewf said...

Very clever idea - I may have to do this with my reams of cardstock as well!

skylife said...

I think that's a great idea. Since here we don't have that type of shops, I go to some paper warehouses to buy my color card stock and they have catalogs, so I have few of those at home...but now I realize I can make that for the sand- papers I buy and not to wonder "OK - now, what was that paper again???"

Jennifer said...

Pick me, Pick me. I love it D. That is great. If I don't win it I am definately going to try and make one!!!

Jenn Joncas said...

Crazy??!!! I would say you are brilliant (: Great idea Danielle!!!