Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Friends

Did you ever have a friend, who you knew since birth and you really didn't have to talk to communicate?  Well, my oldest, Daytona is lucky enough to have a friend like that.  I met his parents right before Daytona was born, and his mom has become a very good friend.  You might know her as BananaStamper!  The best part of their friendship is that even though they're now seven, it's hard to explain but they never fight, never argue about what they're going to do.  We can literally put them together (all 4 of our kids really) and they'll play for hours uninterrupted.  It's great!

Plus, they're hitting milestones together.  This past weekend Daytona lost her two front teeth, one at school on Friday and the other on Saturday night.  Our friend came over to play in the leaves and the kids were exceptionally good at posing for our pictures.  This is definitely the kind of photo that makes me want to scrapbook.

So, I don't have a card today, just a picture.  However, I do have a few cards that I made over the weekend and the sun is shining, so I'm going to go home and take some really great photos of said cards and post them up on my blog tomorrow.  Thanks for looking.



Sparkle said...

This is just precious! We got our family Christmas picture when I was missing my front 2 teeth. My mom always said I would hate that picture growing up, lol.

BananaStamper said...

Anyhow, I think I recognize those children - oh perhaps because one is mine! That shot turned out great! How cute are they? Nice story too...

Blankiefinder said...

What a great photo! So cute, definitely a scrapping moment!