Sunday, October 18, 2009

We've got the BUG!

Well, we brought home a cold with us from our trip over Thanksgiving weekend.  Sorry that I haven't posted very much.  My mom came out of hospital on Wednesday evening, and then I picked up sick kids at lunch on Thursday and we stayed home together Friday (yes, 2 sick kids, not just one!) The little one started getting better on Saturday, and I started getting sick.  The big one will be staying home from school tomorrow, and I will be staying home from work.  Can't very well encourage the staff to stay home when they are sick and then go in coughing all over them myself.  Unfortunately all of my pictures are on my work computer and I haven't been in any condition to create anything new.  Hopefully we'll all be up to speed by Tuesday and I'll have something new to show you.  

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Stacy said...

Hope you are all felling better soon :)