Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Photos

Okay, I normally don't post photos, but I just had to. We've had some fun times over the past week, and I wanted to share. On July 1st, we had a big BBQ at our place, with lots of friends and family. One of the highlights was the ice cream sandwiches. I told my brother to grab some ice cream and cooked with M&M's from the bulk section at the grocery store. He showed up with these monster cookies...they were a hit!

Then, the hubby and I took the kids camping (in a tent trailer) at a provincial park about an hour from here. What a great time. Lucky for us the weather was great and we spent a lot of time at the beach. To remember the event, we tried taking a family photo the first night that we were there. Not too bad I think.

I actually am looking at some of these photos and am getting the urge to scrapbook them. Perhaps I'll do a little of that this weekend! If I do, I'll be sure to take pictures and post. Have a great day!

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